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Transition to the Cloud

by dave on August 4, 2009

Well folks, it’s been fun being your “EMC Technical Consultant on the Interweb.” (there are more of us, trust me. 😉 ) It is with great happiness, however, that I get to report that I’m moving over to what has to be the most exciting innovation within EMC in the short time I’ve been here: the Cloud Infrastructure Group.  Something about the cloud moves me to fits of joy (or generally, paroxysms of short-lived hysteria) and the EMC Atmos product line, in particular, is really the future of where I see storage moving.  So, what does this mean to you, my faithful readers?

Well, I’m definitely not giving up my virtualization bent. Honestly, cloud computing is a really simple extension of virtualization and I think this is going to be the basis on which storage and technology will develop.  Abstracting the physical has always been of particular interest to me, so, this will be maintained.

I’m also not giving up on core products. Trust me, I’ve learned to love Clariions, Celerras, Centeras, Symmetrix for all that they bring to the table from a performance and capability standpoint.  That being said, again, I think the future holds some interesting developments for these products as EMC continues to push onwards and upwards into the cloud and virtualization space.

I will be adding in a lot more cloud content (i hope) as i dig into Atmos and Atmos Online product sets and hopefully, we’ll be able to discover together how EMC’s cloud vision can be realized in YOUR environment.  I’m honoured and excited by the challenges being offered me and I hope to see ya’ll in the cloud!



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A Cultural Shift

by dave on May 18, 2009

It’s interesting to people watch at a conference.  You get to appreciate the reach and depth of EMC‘s product portfolio which is represented best by the customers and employees that both use and create this technology.  Sometimes, it’s hard to segment the two.  But, at the end of the day, it’s incredible to be able to put faces with names, voices with the inevitable typing foibles and prose that we’ve all come to know and love.

So, why is this a cultural shift?

In some of my conversations with both old guards and new, it’s amazing to see the diversity of opinion on how EMC is approaching the social media scene.  We, of course, embrace technology and it’s inherent capabilities for promoting a message (look at our recent Symmetrix V-Max launch for an exemplar), but in the same sense, we’re oftentimes afraid of what the end result can be.  Does more customer engagement necessitate an openness that requires us to “bare all” or do we evaluate and control the message that we’re sending?  These type of questions are inevitably answered by trial and error.  We try process A, we determine its failure and time of death, and move on to process B.  At EMC World, we’ve actually brought a new vigor to Process A (i.e. the Blogger‘s Lounge) and to be honest, it’s a HIT.  Rubbing elbows with some of the “internal greats” like Chuck Hollis, Barry Burke, David Spencer, Len Devanna, Stu Miniman, Jeff Browning is an awesome opportunity, to say the least.  Learning at the collective “feet of the masters” in this regard is an opportunity seldom gained.

It’s also a blessing to meet with our partners and customers.  People like Chris Evans, Joe Kelly, Ed Saipetch, Devang, etc.  as well as some of the analyst folks like Dave Vellante, Greg Schulz, and others. (sorry if I’ve missed your name….there have been a LOT of people ripping through here.) At EMC, we learn a lot from the folks that are in the trenches daily using our product and providing feedback based on their usage (or mis-usage which oftentimes allows us to develop new integration points 😉 )

Anyhow, I’ll end this for now but if you’re around, drop by the Blogger’s Lounge @ EMC World.  would love to meet you!

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V-Max: What’s in a name?

by dave on April 15, 2009


Symmetrix V-Max

Yamaha Star Vmax

Hornady V-Max

Storage Capacity
Scales to 2 Petabytes
You + Significant other
Speeds n’ Feeds
4Gb/s Front-End/Back-End; EFDs for Tier 0 storage
Miles per hour
Feet per Second
Death Quotient
Not unless you drop the rack on yourself (or like the tickle of 208v)
Wear a helmet. The rest is skill
It’s a bullet. What do YOU think? Varmints beware!
The most efficient enterprise array available
27 mpg according to specs.
Depends on the powder behind it along with barrel twist
FAST provisions & automatically tiers YOUR workloads
Lose weight.
More powder, more fun.
Future Growth
Add additional Virtual Engines to scale
What you buy is what you get.
One time use.
PCBs, Steel, Symmetrix Mojo
Steel, rubber, aluminum, titanium bits
Polymer, Copper, Lead
First storage array designed for horizontal & vertical scale in virtualized environments
Barely revised since intro in 1985; new engine for 2009
This is THE bullet to use. Class leader!
Auto-provisioning, templates &wizards
Manual transmission only
SAO, DAO, Semi/Fully automatic; Bolt-Action
50-90F with 20-80% humidity non-condensing
Best above 40F on dry pavement
Anywhere that keeps the powder dry (Artic/Jungle)
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More Symmetrix V-Max Coverage

April 15, 2009

Here are some additional links to Symmetrix V-Max coverage.  I’m trying to go for a healthy blend of EMC insiders, customers, external bloggers.  If you see something that should be here, let me know. (customer)

A Response to Tony’s V-Max Questions

Brian Henderson – Power Windows (EMC)

EMC Symmetrix V-Max in Use at Microsoft adCenter

EMC Symmetrix V-Max and Mixed […]

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Symmetrix V-Max Coverage

April 14, 2009

Some of this list is mirrored over at The Storage Anarchist but I figured you’d want to stay on top of things. He’ll be posting updates to his list as well. I’m trying to collect some other bits and pieces. These are the particular articles that I liked. 
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