Why FCoE is a GOOD thing…

by dave on December 22, 2009

This is a tongue in cheek video that I took in one of my labs showing why, for no other reason but fabric reduction, that CEE/DCE/FCoE is a valuable thing for ANY IT infrastructure.

A couple of things you’ll notice here are:
a.) it’s loud. Sorry about that…this lab is in a thermal chamber and it gets crazy loud.
b.) I’m running Qlogic 2562 HBAs (fibre channel) and Qlogic 5802V switching (more switches are coming)
c.) My GigE switches are, in a word, terrible (with the distinct difference being the Foundry/Brocade switching which is good).
d.) I copt a TERRIBLE NorthEastern accent…I don’t even know where it came from…

Anyhow, this Flip UltraHD recorder is pretty awesome…

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Video Overview of the Qlogic 5802V

by dave on January 31, 2009

As much as I like to talk about Qlogic, there are times when you’ve just got to let someone else tell their story.  In this case, Qlogic’s Marty Holmes gives a very thorough video analysis of the SanBox 5802V Fibre Switch.

This is my current switch of choice if you need small departmental Fibre Channel switches that support 8gb, 4gb, and 2gb FC.  The technical specifications can be found here.


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