Deploying FCoE: What you need to know

by dave on May 11, 2009

So, my good friend Stu Miniman (@stu on Twitter) put out a video a few months back extolling the virtues of FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) for the next generation data center.  This video, while fascinating, didn’t answer the underlying hardware questions that we all had: What the heck does all this stuff look like?  To make us happy, Stu created a Part 2 video showing off some of the FCoE hardware like the Cisco Nexus 5010 and Qlogic 81xx series CNAs.  This video is definitely worth a look/listen.

Accompanying this video, Stu also prepped the following slide deck which goes over the hardware a little more specifically.

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Is FCoE a viable option for SMB/Commercial?

by dave on October 14, 2008

Host Bus Adapter (Fibre Channel)

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Since I work in the SMB/Commercial space as a TC, I routintely am exposed to mixed fabric environments.  With the advent of iSCSI, we’ve seen a proportional shift towards iSCSI as a reduced-cost block storage fabric.  Legacy (2Gb/s) fibre still has presence in specific markets but the uptake of 4Gb/s fibre has been slowing down.  With FCoE being announced as the next logical evolution of converged fabrics and 8Gb/s FC and 10G iSCSI working their way to availability, does FCoE make sense for SMB/Commercial markets?

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