Snoop Filters and the Tyan S5397

by dave on September 26, 2008

Just to add to the ever-growing information data base on the excellent Tyan S5397.

If you seem to be having problems with reported memory bandwidth in your favourite worthless synthetic benchmark or reality-based simulation workload, try disabling the Snoop Filter in the bios.

Remember, the Intel Xeon processors use a different set of prefetch schedulers than standard “consumer” level parts, so, this can also affect workload.

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Fun with nVidia’s Hybrid SLI

by dave on June 14, 2008

Nvidia SLI Logo

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It’s always fun to bring in “extra-curricular” stuff that I do to my day job.  That being said, this one is strictly outside the scope of day-to-day work.  I recieved a very interesting bit of technology from nVidia that is designed to demo out their Hybrid SLI platform.  What is Hybrid SLI, you ask?

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