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Designing my Dream Job

by dave on June 27, 2011

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One benefit of being gainfully under-employed is having those brief bursts of inspiration that allow you to get on paper (or blog) those streaming bits of ideas that could change your destiny.  Perhaps there’s a bit of hyperbole worked in there (ok, a whole lot) but the fact remains, when the mind is allowed to roam a bit, inspiration comes.  Given my background in cognitive sciences and such, this is either one of the most dangerous things to allow or one of the most precious.  Having gone through close to 30 interviews (that’s counting people, not companies) since Cirtas let myself (and 20 odd others) go on April 15th, 2011, I can tell you that one of the most commonly asked questions has been: “If you could do anything, what would it be?”  (For comparison, the most asked question is: “Explain the switch from psychology to enterprise IT.”)  It can be relatively hard to nail down what exactly I view a dream job to be, but given the relatively wide variety of experiences I’ve had over the years, I’ve come to rely on a few common characteristics which I’ll highlight in the following paragraphs.  However, along the way, newer ideas and concepts have come into view and for your enjoyment (and to annoy my wife who’s trying to sleep while I type this) I’ll try to drag them into the light.  With all the precursors aside, then, let’s get into the meat of what this post is about: designing my dream job.

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I think it’s safe to say that we’re living in a very difficult and challenging economic time.  All around us, there are stories of companies closing their doors due to depreciated revenues, mergers and acquisitions taking place to absorb the incredible amount of talent that’s being driven into the streets, etc.  In this type of economy, solutions and innovations take on a new, desperate edge.  Differentiation becomes the key to success as companies have to scrape for every dollar that appears on the horizon.  With this somewhat dire picture in mind, IDC presented their vision for where they felt Information Technology was going (from a spend/allocations standpoint) and what some of the game-changers would potentially be.

Let’s dig in…

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