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Hybridizing DR for the Cloud: Concerns

by dave on March 2, 2009

Over at Information Playground, Steve Todd has started down the path of no return: private clouds.  (Incidentally, I find it quite ironic that private clouds are no more private than public clouds in that they’re essentially run on the same infrastructure and face the exact same challenges for security, data mobility, and perminence that the aforementioned public clouds do…but, I digress) In his posting from last week, he details some of the challenges in looking at replication to the cloud (whether public or private is a mere stroke of the pen difference).  The good news is: he’s not alone in thinking this way. The bad news: well, we’ll get to that.  Let’s begin…

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Shared Filesystems in the Cloud

February 11, 2009

Earlier this morning, Scott Lowe posed the following question:  What if hypervisors shared a file system? The concept here is that most hypervisors (notably VMware and [soon] Hyper-V) have a clustered file system that is used to extend the capabilities of a group of hypervisors into such things as dynamic resource sharing, failover/failback, HA, etc. […]

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Cloud Optimized Storage Solutions: Part 2 – How is content stored?

January 5, 2009

In part one of the COSS series, we discussed the nature of content within the cloud.  After determining the nature of the content being stored, it is important to understand how this unstructured and structured content will be stored.  The mechanism for storage has significant impact on a provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the […]

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