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by dave on November 20, 2008

I’ve decided that along with my new found discipline of hitting the treadmill early in the morning (530am), I should attempt to set up a timeline or topic list of posts that I need to finish working on.  To that end, here’s what’s cooking right now @ Flickerdown:

  1. Cloud Storage Series:  Articles talking about data storage in the cloud (collab w/CXI?)
  2. Atmos Policy deep-dive
  3. Atmos FAQ and Facts
  4. Neural Networking and Storage: what are the potential impacts/benefits?
  5. Future Storage Systems: OS Data Streams and Processing
  6. Future Storage Systems: Creating a Cloud Aware storage system
  7. Data Survival (something that Steve Foskett tweeted about)
  8. Data Center Consolidation (something that timj4real tweeted about)
  9. Dash Cams w/Marc Farley (yes!!!! looking forward to this!)
  10. Recoverpoint Series : examples and notables
  11. MTBF and reality: who determines and understands this?
  12. Competition and how it pushes the development of storage
  13. EMC PowerPath: what it is, what it does, and why it will change your storage life…

In all, quite a decent list of things to cover.  Note, there’s no real chronology to things as this is simply a working list.  If there’s something that you want to see covered, hit me up on Twitter (@davegraham) or via the comment system on this site!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Dave Graham

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