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So, it’s 1201am and…well, now you know what we’re talking about, hinting about, laughing about, and honestly…what we’ve been waiting for.  The Symmetrix V-Max is here and it’s ready to drop the hammer on what you know about storage.

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PowerPath, AIX 5.3, and LTG: Solutions

by dave on April 1, 2009

Over at StorageMonkeys, Rclark posted the following question:

We’re trying to increase the LTG and max_transfer sizes on PowerPath on AIX 5.3. We’ve gone through the steps that worked in the past, but the LTG will not increase. I’ve looked through PowerLink, but haven’t found anything topical. Any links or pointers would be appreciated.

In talking with the smart people in EMC who deal with PowerPath and the various OS platforms that it supports, they came back with the following solution for this question.  Here’s their feedback: [click to continue…]



Refreshing Celerra: New Models + New Features

by dave on February 23, 2009

As you probably have heard by now, EMC has refreshed the Celerra line a bit. With today’s announcement, we’ve added the following hardware models to the fold:

  • NS-480 with 2 or 4 datamovers
  • NS-960 with support for up to 960 drives
  • NS-G8 with support for up to 8 datamovers and connectivity to Symmetrix & CLARiiON systems

Now that that’s been covered, let’s cover some of the other details across the line…

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VMware ESX alignment document for EMC Clariion & Symmetrix

February 18, 2009

For folks that were on today’s VMware Communities Roundtable live podcast, mention was made of partition alignment under VMFS & the storage array being used. To that end, here is EMC’s document on VMware ESX connectivity to EMC Symmetrix and CLARiiON storage which covers partition alignment.
Document is here & Powerlink Location.

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Atmos rising…(from Maui)

November 10, 2008

Today is the official GA of EMC‘s latest-n-greatest product, Atmos.  For all intents and purposes, you probably have heard of Atmos under a different guise:  Maui.  In any case, I’ll be taking a look at some of the features and functionalities of Atmos as well as potential integration points for your business.  Finally, if you’re […]

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