With the advent of Cloud Computing and the general resurgence of computing grids, data storage has been taken for granted.  The general focus has been on computational power, integration points via software (API access, for example), and code portability.  Storage, on the other hand, was considered a commodity to be taken advantage of; a simple pool of storage for whatever data needed some level of retention and access.  However, as cloud computing’s storage and access demands continue to grow, the need for an optimized storage layer and hardware accompaniment become even more critical.

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Cloud Optimized Storage: Feedback Wanted

by dave on November 21, 2008

Currently working on an article on Cloud Optimized Storage and wanted to get a quick sanity-check. Take a look at the following mind map (it’s interactive in that you can manipulate it to view specific content more closely) and let me know what you think.


Anything that needs to be added? removed? re-categorized? What else would you want to see as part of a Cloud Optimized Storage Strategy? Let me know via the comment system below or via Twitter (@davegraham).


Dave Graham

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