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Competing for my attention…

by dave on February 2, 2009

It’s been an interesting year and a half in the blog-o-sphere for me. To celebrate this new spin on life, I’m going to hold a “re-branding” competition.

The rules are simple: provide re-design comps for the template (based on the Thesis theme by Chris Pearson) along with a new logo! (oh, if you can implement it for me, that’d be sweet too!) There’s no limit to the amount of submissions (it’s all CSS at the end of the day) but, you

The rewards: you get branding credit (footer), portfolio usage of the site design/logo, some computer hardware (to be determined), and…perhaps some other intangible benefits that I can cook up! EDIT: Looks like a Dell Vostro 220 (slim tower) + 19″ LCD monitor might be the hardware prize!!!

The duration: I’m thinking that given all these busy schedules (and the idea that maintaining your day job is a VERY important thing to worry about now) that 2 months (60 days) should suffice.  

How to submit: send me an email and I’ll reply back with the submission forum.  I’ll check with Chris Pearson and see what parts of the style sheets I can send out without nuking his sales model.  EDIT:  catch me on twitter @davegraham.

Special Notes: you can submit for Logo only, CSS only, or both!!!!  I’ll segment out the rewards accordingly!!!!

Let’s see what you’ve got!!!!

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