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In developing the Future Storage System series, I have been trying to take a part of my excitement for storage technologies and overlay them with systems/platform technology.  Typically, the storage industry lags on the platform development side of the house (mostly out of necessity).  So, part of looking at the Future Storage System was to take into consideration that in the basic design, some of the more current technologies could and should be used to enable “forward” thinking.  That’s why you see such a heavy emphasis on Torrenza, Hypertransport, and integrated memory controllers.  With the exception of Torrenza, each of the other aspects of system design have a rich history.  Hypertransport, arguably, has been an outlier on the bus technology side, but it’s capabilities and industry support are unparalleled.  Integrated memory controllers, while “nothing new” (DEC Alpha, anyone?) really came to the for when AMD introduced them as part of the Athlon series of processors.  Today, I’d like to toss another wrinkle into the “platform meets storage” discussion by including another developing technology: the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit).

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AMD Opteron Pre-Orders : Shanghai!!!

by dave on November 1, 2008

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As promised (but a little later than intended), I’m currently working on putting the AMD Opteron “Shanghai” pre-orders into the Flickerdown Store.  All of the models are available for pre-order and AMD has committed to ensuring that these parts will ship in a timely manner to the channel.  However, as with ANY pre-order, delivery times can and (most likely) WILL change.

To that end, I’ll be updating the Flickerdown Store (and the front page) as delivery times and availability change.

Happy November!!!!


Dave Graham

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Coming soon, I’ll be starting to process pre-orders for AMD‘s new “Shanghai” series processors.

For a quick reference list, see the following PDF.

AMD Shanghai 27xx/28xx Processor Line Card

I’ll have a price list up shortly and purchasing options!

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Servers for Sale!

October 20, 2008

From time to time, I like to clean out some of the “older” hardware lying around the lab.  So, for your perusal today, I’ve got 3 servers that are going to be up for grabs (complete with the requisite Paypal/GoogleCheckout links).  Click on through to see the descriptions and pricing.
Note:  Each of these servers has […]

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Future Storage Systems: A pause in workflow

October 17, 2008

Since I started this article series, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to have my ideas (well, some of the early articles at least) reviewed by person(s) who deal with the actual infrastructure of storage systems day in, day out.  The benefit of such peer review is that you get to learn at the symbolic “feet” […]

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