Symmetrix V-Max Coverage

by dave on April 14, 2009


Some of this list is mirrored over at The Storage Anarchist but I figured you’d want to stay on top of things. He’ll be posting updates to his list as well. I’m trying to collect some other bits and pieces. These are the particular articles that I liked. 

Updated: 115pm EST

FriendFeed listing for EMC Corporation:

Twitter Feed (using #V-Max and #VMax hashtags):

Barry Burke – the storage anarchist (highly recommended reading!):

  1. 1.055: symmetrix v-max – a revolutionary evolution
  2. 1.056: inside the virtual matrix architecture 
  3. 1.057: symmetrix v-max – scale up, scale out, scale away!
  4. 1.058: v-max does what hi-star can’t?

Chuck Hollis:

  1. Symmetrix V-Max: Storage Architecture Redefined
  2. Symmetrix V-Max: A New Paradigm For Storage Virtualization?

Mark Twomey – Storagezilla:

  1. V-Max: The Scale Out Symmetrix 
  2. V-Max: SRDF Evolves
  3. V-Max: Auto-provisioning groups

Steve Todd – Information Playground

  1. V-Max Quality

Chad Sakac – Virtual Geek

  1. EMC’s VMware Storage Strategy – The 3rd Shoe Drops

I’ll add others as I run across them.  Feel free to send me links to stories as well.


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