More Symmetrix V-Max Coverage

by dave on April 15, 2009


Here are some additional links to Symmetrix V-Max coverage.  I’m trying to go for a healthy blend of EMC insiders, customers, external bloggers.  If you see something that should be here, let me know. (customer)

  1. A Response to Tony’s V-Max Questions

Brian Henderson – Power Windows (EMC)

  1. EMC Symmetrix V-Max in Use at Microsoft adCenter
  2. EMC Symmetrix V-Max and Mixed Microsoft Workloads
  3. Video: Microsoft AdCenter Using V-Max

    Len Devanna – Confessions of an E-Biz Junkie (EMC)

    1. A Social Launch – Introducing Symmetrix V-Max

      I’ll add more in later as time permits.  These guys were left out of the mix yesterday. 😉

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