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April 2009

V-Max: What’s in a name?

by dave on April 15, 2009


Symmetrix V-Max

Yamaha Star Vmax

Hornady V-Max

Storage Capacity
Scales to 2 Petabytes
You + Significant other
Speeds n’ Feeds
4Gb/s Front-End/Back-End; EFDs for Tier 0 storage
Miles per hour
Feet per Second
Death Quotient
Not unless you drop the rack on yourself (or like the tickle of 208v)
Wear a helmet. The rest is skill
It’s a bullet. What do YOU think? Varmints beware!
The most efficient enterprise array available
27 mpg according to specs.
Depends on the powder behind it along with barrel twist
FAST provisions & automatically tiers YOUR workloads
Lose weight.
More powder, more fun.
Future Growth
Add additional Virtual Engines to scale
What you buy is what you get.
One time use.
PCBs, Steel, Symmetrix Mojo
Steel, rubber, aluminum, titanium bits
Polymer, Copper, Lead
First storage array designed for horizontal & vertical scale in virtualized environments
Barely revised since intro in 1985; new engine for 2009
This is THE bullet to use. Class leader!
Auto-provisioning, templates &wizards
Manual transmission only
SAO, DAO, Semi/Fully automatic; Bolt-Action
50-90F with 20-80% humidity non-condensing
Best above 40F on dry pavement
Anywhere that keeps the powder dry (Artic/Jungle)
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More Symmetrix V-Max Coverage

by dave on April 15, 2009


Here are some additional links to Symmetrix V-Max coverage.  I’m trying to go for a healthy blend of EMC insiders, customers, external bloggers.  If you see something that should be here, let me know.

Techmute.com (customer)

  1. A Response to Tony’s V-Max Questions

Brian Henderson – Power Windows (EMC)

  1. EMC Symmetrix V-Max in Use at Microsoft adCenter
  2. EMC Symmetrix V-Max and Mixed Microsoft Workloads
  3. Video: Microsoft AdCenter Using V-Max

    Len Devanna – Confessions of an E-Biz Junkie (EMC)

    1. A Social Launch – Introducing Symmetrix V-Max

      I’ll add more in later as time permits.  These guys were left out of the mix yesterday. 😉

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      Symmetrix V-Max Coverage

      by dave on April 14, 2009


      Some of this list is mirrored over at The Storage Anarchist but I figured you’d want to stay on top of things. He’ll be posting updates to his list as well. I’m trying to collect some other bits and pieces. These are the particular articles that I liked. 

      Updated: 115pm EST

      FriendFeed listing for EMC Corporation:

      Twitter Feed (using #V-Max and #VMax hashtags):

      Barry Burke – the storage anarchist (highly recommended reading!):

      1. 1.055: symmetrix v-max – a revolutionary evolution
      2. 1.056: inside the virtual matrix architecture 
      3. 1.057: symmetrix v-max – scale up, scale out, scale away!
      4. 1.058: v-max does what hi-star can’t?

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      Happy V-Max day!

      April 14, 2009

      Short of calling this a holiday, i figure that we should probably commemorate this somehow. 😉 feel free to use this as a desktop background.

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      Welcome to the next generation: Symmetrix V-Max is here…

      April 13, 2009

      So, it’s 1201am and…well, now you know what we’re talking about, hinting about, laughing about, and honestly…what we’ve been waiting for.  The Symmetrix V-Max is here and it’s ready to drop the hammer on what you know about storage.

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