March 2009

CloudCall #1: Schedule of Events

by dave on March 22, 2009

I’m anxiously looking forward to tomorrow’s CloudCall event.  I’ve previously published the bridge line information here and all that’s really left is a “schedule” for the call. So, here you go!

Topic:  Cisco Unified Computing/Communication Server

Call Schedule:

  • Introduction and Topic Exposition – 5 minutes
  • Open discussion on the applicability of Cisco‘s UCS for public/private clouds (virtualization) – 50 minutes

Some of the chatter around Twitter, etc. has been about the server infrastructure of the UCS platform versus, perhaps, the solution as a whole.  I want to hear from YOU as to what you think is going to happen and its implications.

See you then!


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I think it’s safe to say that we’re living in a very difficult and challenging economic time.  All around us, there are stories of companies closing their doors due to depreciated revenues, mergers and acquisitions taking place to absorb the incredible amount of talent that’s being driven into the streets, etc.  In this type of economy, solutions and innovations take on a new, desperate edge.  Differentiation becomes the key to success as companies have to scrape for every dollar that appears on the horizon.  With this somewhat dire picture in mind, IDC presented their vision for where they felt Information Technology was going (from a spend/allocations standpoint) and what some of the game-changers would potentially be.

Let’s dig in…

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CloudCall #1 is on March 23rd, 2009 at the times listed below.

It is NOT today.

Since the Cisco UCS announcement on 3/16/09, there has been a flurry of commentary within the social media scene (blogs, twitter, etc.) as well as within the industry analyst space about what the implications are for Cisco joining the fray.  To that end, our inaugural CloudCall will be focused on the implications of the Cisco UCS system and the Private/Public cloud sphere.

Here are the call details:

International Bridge Lines (by country):

All call times are GMT -4 (Eastern Standard Time)

Call starts 0630am // Duration: 1 hr

Instructions:  Call your # below and when prompted, enter 1, and then 48194719#  You will be joined to the meeting.

Australia: 1800107895

France: 0805540147

Germany: 08006646745

Israel: 1809440999

Ireland: 1800882434

Netherlands: 08000201642

Russia: 81080022381044

South Africa: 0800981467

United Kingdom: 08001214662

Continental US/Canada Bridge Lines:

All call times are Eastern Standard Time

Call starts 1130am // Duration: 1 hr

Instructions:  Call your # below and when prompted, enter 1, and then 48194719#  You will be joined to the meeting.

Canada/USA:  888-643-3084 or 857-207-4204

Hope to see you all there!!!!

(line will NOT be recorded at this time. If requested for future events, this can be enabled)

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