Cloud Talk Debrief: Impromptu Session

by dave on February 17, 2009

Yesterday, I held a rather impromptu “Cloud Talk” session with some of the Twitter community that has expressed an interested in cloud computing, cloud storage, etc.  I’m happy to report that given the rather abrupt beginning of the session, I still was able to sit down and talk with seven individuals (sorry, Stu 😉 ) that had some interesting thoughts and ideas about what the cloud is and isn’t.

The common theme that was discussed (suprisingly) was about the role of what I’ve deemed “middleware;” that is, the specific “connectors” that tie an internal set of applications and their data, processing, security capabilities to one or more cloud services like GoGrid, Nirvanix, Mosso, and S3. This would also be know as “PaaS” (Platform as a Service) or “IaaS” (Infrastructure as a Service).  Admittedly, everyone has their own spin on this and the overall taxonomy for the cloud is really still under development by all parties, but the general consensus was tied to this absolutely crucial connection piece.

Some of the initial discussions put forth by @Beaker (Christopher Hoff) looked at the model or methodologies of using a “connector” for securing and optimizing data communication and storage between client and the cloud.  As Chris and I have discussed in the past, the attack surfaces for the cloud really can be rather extraordinary so, securing the channel of communication is a “first step” in the right direction.

From there, @storagenerve (Devang Panchigar) had a series of questions and interest in the development of EMC‘s Atmos product as well as particular fitment within the construct of PaaS or IaaS for cloud storage.  Interesting discussion as he and I attempted to look at the objective reasons why EMC’s Atmos could form the core of storage specialized cloud offering.

Moving from there, @easel (Erik LaBianca) extended the EMC Atmos questions as he sought to understand metrics for implementation of common file systems and global cloud positioning for the product.

@rhm2k (Rich Miller) of Replicate Technologies popped on briefly and discussed the nature of his company as it relates to PaaS/IaaS.  One of the cool things that he mentioned related to the ability to model changes based on potential cloud applications. (Rich, correct me if I’m wrong!)

Finally wrapping things up, @damienstevens (Damien Stevens) and @astorrs (Andrew Storrs) got into the weeds with me regarding VMware‘s SRM capabilities as well as what the Clariion CX4 could bring to the table.  Oh, and they discussed cloud related stuff as well (again, mostly on the PaaS/IaaS side of the house).

Can’t forget to mention my friend @stu (Stu Miniman of FCoE video fame) and @2smooth4u (Michael K; Dell/Clariion Remote Support) who stopped by to lend their ear to my ramblings.

Hopefully this time was profitable for everyone and, on March 16th, 2009 @ 630am and 1130am, we’ll do it again!

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